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Please fill out this simple form to let us know what sort of an event you'd like to have Scott be a part of.  Scott is a worship leader, recording artist, songwriter, and bible teacher.  This form gives Scott and his team an idea of what event you're putting together.  There is no event too big or small if we feel like it works with what we do, we will try and make it work.

Scott Brownson is a musician who has lived as well as sung his worship to our God.
-Brenton Brown (writer of Everlasting God, Lord Reign in Me, Hosanna)

Scott's playful melodies and intelligent lyrics have captured my attention since I first heard him as part of Pivitplex. Now on his own, he continues to keep me interested and always makes me smile.
-Shane D Wilson (mix engineer: David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Michael W. Smith)

Scott Brownson is a great friend of mine. He is a godly man and someone of great integrity. I listen to Scott’s music all the time and I am always inspired by it. Scott uses his gifts in performing, worship leading, and speaking to draw his listeners closer to the heart of God. He is an amazing songwriter and artist. What more can you ask?
-Paul Colman (Paul Colman Trio, Newsboys)

In a Christian world that's bloated with worship music, Scott Brownson's songs are a breath of fresh air: simple, Christ-centered, and stunningly imaginative.
-Preston Sprinkle, co-author with Francis Chan of Erasing Hell

Its not very often I get to write with someone who thinks about the need of the local body as much as Scott Brownson. He is very deliberate about making the content of his Worship songs fit with what God is saying to the church. He is authentic, and on top of that, has a wealth of melody and resources to write from. It is always a joy to get with him and write songs.
-Daniel Ornellas (Tree63, Brenton Brown)

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